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Leather bags and wallets

Dawson is direct importer and dealer of luxurious leather goods and accessories, mainly leather bags and wallets. The assortment consists of stylish men’s and women’s bags, wallets and pocket-books.

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Men's black leather belt with buckle 14.00 EUR No 08

Black leather belt with buckle 3,4 cm. Material: leather Color: black Size: 105, 110, 115, 120, 125 and 130 x 3.4 cm When ordering, specify the desired size and buckle!

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Мъжка кожена чанта през рамо 340.00 EUR No 15053

Мъжка чанта през рамо, Кожа: естествена телешка кожа, Хастар: текстил, Чанта с дълга дръжка - кожа Отпред- голям джоб с цип. Вътре- ...

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Дамско портмоне 2710 30.00 EUR No 2710

Дамско портмоне естествена кожа цветове: лилаво червено тъмно синьо циклама Хастар: изк. материя, текстил. 3 отделни ...

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Women’s wallet 2 colors, 2626 25.00 EUR No 2626

Genuine leather women’s wallet (2 colors) Lining: artificial material, textile Colors: red; black Popper fastening A wallet with two folds.Two inner pockets for bank-notes, space for 4 credit cards and documents. Another space for 4 ...

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Mъжка кожена борсета 65.00 EUR No 4605

Мъжка борсета от естествена кожа в 2 цвята Кожа: естествена кожа Цвят: черен, тъмно кафяв Хастар: текстил, Чанта с къса и дълга ...

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Men's leather belt for jeans 16.00 EUR No 6

Мъжки колан от естествена кожа с широчина на лентата 4,4 см. Цвят: черен кафяв Размери: 105 x 4,4 cm 110 x 4,4 cm 115 x 4,4 cm 120 x 4,4 cm ...

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Men’s wallet 1510 20.00 EUR No 1510

Genuine leather men’s wallet, Colors: dark brown Lining: artificial material, textile 2 pockets for bank-notes, space for 4 credit cards and another pocket with space for 8 more credit cards. Under it- a pocket for documents. A pocket ...

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Кожен визитник 10.00 EUR No 320

Визитник от естествена кожа Цветове: 1 2 3  

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Dawson trades with quality leather goods, made ​​of genuine leather. We have a strong team of professionals who care about customer service and are in your favour! The online shop Dawson has a wide range of leather goods including modern leather bags, little men’s handbag, leather purses, wallets, travel bags, business bags and other leather goods and accessories.

Buy online men's and women's bags, purses and other luxury leather goods and accessories at competitive prices.