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Terms of order and delivery in e-shop Dawson.bg

Dawson products can be ordered in the following ways:

  • Online from website dawson.bg
  • Direct, a visit to our stores - see Contacts

Order through website

  1. Select a product and "Order now".
  2. Check whether the order type and quantity corresponds to your choice. If you make a change, press "Calculate". To proceed, press "Save & next".
  3. If you want to add other products to the same order - select them and add alternately. Pressing the "Order" button , they will be added each time to your order. If you need to adjust the parameter from the previous step - press the "Previous step" , and if all is well - "Save & next".
  4. Next step is filling in the Delivery Details - the delivery type area and address! Please specify your desired color and/or size..
  5. Payment Details - It is necessary to provide complete and accurate information about you - name , e-mail, phone, address. Check the "I agree with all Terms of order and delivery in e-shop Dawson.bg!" Then you are familiar with them (link is at the bottom of the site) and press "Save and next".
  6. Check your specified details order and payment. If you wish to make corrections , follow the "Previous Step". To send the order - Send order.
  7.  Once you complete your order will automatically get e-mail on bisected your email with all the details of the order.
  8.  You should know that the cost of delivery shall be borne entirely by you! You choose their own mode of delivery and you need to pay an additional corresponding amount!

Terms of delivery

We will deliver your order to your given address by courier you choose yourself when the contract itself.
Delivery cost is not included in the price of products! It depends of the courier company.
If you have any requirements on the day and time of delivery, please contact us by phone or describe it in the " Comments" section.
Ordered products are paid to courier cash on delivery!
When ordering products abroad - you can select a courier and to explore its fares! You may have to pay the shipment in advance!

Privacy Policy

Dawson is committed to protecting the privacy of correspondence, and not to disclose the information provided in this website personal information unless it is under the regulations.

Dawson does not provide, share or sell this information to third parties!